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Disinterestedness or narrow-mindedness is a positive attitude. If we are prejudice we are bias and start going against or concerning something.  The art of judging should driven by disinterestedness. It is one of the best qualities that we should have. If we are narrow minded we won’t make any judgement that is very subjective and thus our judgement will be impartial and straightforward.

We have to consciously avoid our preconceived notions about others that draw us to be subjective and very personal judgement. For example, if someone, about whom we have a negative preconception, commits a crime, what we will do? We will judge him on the basis of our preconception. We won’t go seeking why he did that, what lead him to do that, what was his mindset and was that action spontaneous or intended and premeditated.  Another example, if we have a preconception that dog will bite, whenever seeing a dog we will run, because of dog phobia created in us by our preconceived notions about dogs. Preconceptions aren’t necessarily sensible and may or may not be reliable. So that, it is better, avoid those preconceptions created in us by past experiences.